Neusoft Ranked Top Again in China Healthcare IT Solutions Provider List by IDC

SHENYANG, China, July 12, 2017 – Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718), recently announced that Neusoft has been consecutively included for the seventh time and ranked as No. 1 in the report “2016 China Healthcare IT Solutions Market Share” by International Data Corporation (IDC). With a high brand reputation in healthcare IT industry in China, Neusoft continues to lead the informatization of China’s healthcare industry, based on its leading revenue and market share among domestic healthcare IT solution providers.

According to the IDC report, China's healthcare IT industry grew at a rapid rate in 2016 and the trend is expected to continue in the next few years, benefiting from two driving forces, the continuing promotion of China's healthcare reform policies and the application of digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

Neusoft’s business footprint previously in the health industry and rapid development of healthcare IT business and market, also reflected the analysis and forecast in the IDC report. In 2016, Neusoft expanded rapidly in the fields of hospital informationization, regional and public health, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, smart connectivity devices, health services and other markets, with a steady growth of the business. As a leader in hospital informatization, Neusoft took the lead to introduce a new generation core business platform RealOne Suite for large-scale Grade A hospitals, to create industry-leading one-stop solutions. In terms of healthcare business innovation, the Internet products such as healthcare big data, and Anymed have been continuously expanded, and the innovated business model has been proved by the market.

In order to create a sustainable big health ecosystem, Neusoft has continued to accelerate the transformation and innovation for big health sector since 2017, maintaining its leading position in the healthcare IT industry.

In the future, Neusoft is committed to promote the transformation in the healthcare IT market through its own brand influence and the advantages and experience in IT technology, as well as integrating cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, to meet the new demand of the healthcare service system.

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