Neusoft Showcases its Latest Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity Technologies and Products at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2019 -- Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718), an IT-enabled innovative solution and service provider from China, is once again participating in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, and brings its latest intelligent vehicle connectivity technologies and products to the global audiences, which demonstrates its determination to further accelerating the expansion in the global market.

Neusoft is showcasing a series of 30+ automotive technologies and products, as well as its overall Big Car ecosystem that integrates global resources and covers the main stream areas in auto industry, such as smart connectivity, autonomous driving, car sharing and electrification.

Among them, Neusoft introduces its new generation Cockpit In-vehicle Infotainment System that features scene-based functions and multi-screen interaction. Before that, Neusoft's first-generation intelligent cockpit system was jointly developed with Intel and FAW-Hongqi, and is the first mass-produced virtualized intelligent cockpit in China and around the world. In addition, Neusoft is also exhibiting: 1) T-Box, a next-generation communication domain controller solution that integrates shark fin antenna and C-V2X/5G/Ethernet; 2) OneCore, a worldwide navigation platform supporting different markets around the world; 3) VeTalk, China's first V2X product; and 4) Neusoft "Cloud-Channel-Terminal" Comprehensive Solutions for telematics security.

Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. ("Neusoft Reach"), a subsidiary company of Neusoft that provides platforms and key technologies for the next generation vehicles, has released three new products at the show, including: 1) V-Nexus, a new V2X product jointly released with the leading commercial vehicle company Foton; 2) ADAS/ADS Domain controller, the third generation of ADAS products for L3 autonomous-driving and automated parking features jointly released with XILINX; and 3) NeuSAR, an intelligent connectivity operating system software platform, which is the basic software platform and development tools suite for next generation vehicles based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform to build the E/E architecture.

Neusoft has nearly 30 years' experience in the automotive sector, and its software is running in many top automobile brands worldwide. It has built a global R&D network centered on China, Germany, Japan, and the United States, with 4,000+ engineers. Focusing on smart connectivity, autonomous driving, car sharing and electrification, Neusoft will continuously introduce better technologies and products to serve global customers and contribute to the transformation of the automotive industry.

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