Products and Platform

Neusoft's software products and platform are our most crucial knowledge assets, helping us construct reliable industry-oriented IT solutions and product engineering solutions rapidly.

We offer a wide range of products and platforms, including TalentBase, MPC, SkillBase, NetEye SOC, Computer Intelligent Assistant Series of Medical Image Post-Processing, UniOffice, UniEAP, Agile CLOud Management Environment, ICDC Accelerators, Enterprise Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, NetPatrol, Business Process Content Management, and Digital Signage Network/System (DSN/DSS).

Neusoft Software Product Line:

TalentBase: HR Management System

Improving Business Performance Through People

Neusoft has joined forces with Hewitt Associates in developing and delivering a wide range of HR systems based on the philosophy of "Improving Business Performance through People". This is to meet the demand of China's large- and medium- sized enterprises for upgrading their HR management information infrastructures. TalentBase, a sophisticated HR management system, has proved to be a powerful, easy-to-use tool for operational decision-making in a corporate environment. It is helping companies of all sizes efficiently upgrade their HR management from routine transactions to strategic planning.

According to the research results of CCID, Neusoft TalentBase has occupied the largest market share in China for the last four years consecutively (2006-2010). Furthermore, we at Neusoft were awarded "The Most Successful HRM Software Vendor".

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MPC: Group Financial Management and Control System

Management, Planning and Control

Neusoft MPC provides integrated solutions focused on complex group financial management and control.

It covers most main applications such as MPC Master Budget Management (MPC-MBM), MPC Funds Management (MPC-FM), MPC Expense Center (MPC-EC), MPC Asset Management (MPC-AM) and MPC Intelligence (MPC-I).

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SkillBase: Neusoft e-Learning System

Effective, Efficient Learning Management and Knowledge Transfer

Based on the key demands of training and learning, Neusoft’s e-learning system, SkillBase, supports stable functionalities, flexible architectures and complete interfaces for key business requirements. By effectively planning and selecting the functional levels and technical architecture of the system, SkillBase provides an expandable learning management system that adapts to customers’ ever changing needs and environments.

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