SkillBase:Neusoft e-Learning System

Neusoft e-Learning System - Effective, Efficient Learning Management and Knowledge Transfer

Based on the key demands of training and learning, Neusoft e-learning system, SkillBase, supports stable functionalities, flexible architectures and complete interfaces for key business requirements by effectively planning and selecting functional levels and technical architectures of the system, and provides an expandable learning management system that can improve learning environment in accordance with the actual learning environment of customers or marketing environment. 


The core concept of this product is focused on learners building a core learning platform covering motivation, environment, support and assessment thereby transforming their work and development; linking and integrating enterprise management applications and their knowledge base; creating a comprehensive enterprise learning and development system to support strategic planning and realize growth and development.

A core learning platform covering motivation, environment, support and assessment


  • A platform integrating teaching, learning, testing and management and proving standard training and learning
  • Drive employees to learn, and improve the core competitiveness of the company and the capability of employees through learning
  • Provide support and assessment transformation for combined learning programs, and quick effective training and learning activities
  • Quickly deploy organization-featured learning environment, and build a comprehensive enterprise learning and development system
  • Meet the needs of enterprises for current operation and future development with learning infrastructure

Courseware Offering

  • Self-developed courseware: C, Java
  • Localization courseware: SUN
  • Channel agency courseware: Business management course
  • Industry-customized courseware: video, flash and 3D courseware
  • Finished courseware: IT, business management, degree education language learning and other courses

Customer Cases

Neusoft e-Learning platform, SkillBase, has been successfully applied in different industries such as government, center enterprises, finance, famous international enterprises, aviation, automotive manufacturing, medicine, and retail, helping customers reduce training costs significantly. Presently, we have more than 100 customers.

We do much more than you expect - SkillBase Courseware

Since 2002, we have provided courseware production service for domestic & overseas enterprises, government and education institutions in line with international standards.

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