UniOffice: Office Management System

UniOffice - Robust, Easy-to-use, Efficient, Flexible, Standard Compliant, Highly Secured

Neusoft UniOffice is a universal office software featuring robotness, easy-to-use, efficiency, flexibility, standard compliance, and high security, designed to help users finish their tasks over the Internet at the lowest cost, make fast inquiries, and use information in a secured way. The benefits include reduced costs of managing, deliverying, and using their documents, information, and materials as well as improved efficiency.

Neusoft UniOffice helps governments and enterprises improve office management efficiency:

  • Unified information publishing platform;
  • Establish internal communication platform;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Collaboration cross departments helps improve overall efficiency and business workflow;
  • Improve internal resources utilization while reduce office and operational costs;
  • Comprehensive back-up management system to ensure data integrity and security.

Neusoft Unioffice is composed of the following modules:

Service modules

  • Message service
  • Message center
  • Security service
  • Exception handling
  • Workflow service management
  • Log management

Application modules

  • System management
  • Document flow management
  • Personal assistant tools
  • Personal workspace
  • Document management
  • Office supply management
  • Vehicle management
  • Meeting management
  • Notification management
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