MPC:Group Financial Management and Control System

Neusoft MPC Management, Planning and Control - An integrated solution focusing on complex group financial management and control

Management, Planning and Control

An integrated solution focusing on complex group financial management and control

Neusoft MPC group financial management and control system is an integrated solution focusing on complex group financial management and control. It covers most main applications such as MPC Master Budget Management (MPC-MBM), MPC Funds Management (MPC-FM), MPC Expense Center (MPC-EC), MPC Asset Management (MPC-AM) and MPC Intelligence (MPC-I).

Finance management with group companies, either decentralized or centralized, shares something in common: Need to strengthen internal controls, optimize resource allocation, avoid financial risks and monitor information on a real-time basis to achieve economy of scale and group-level collaboration. And that is exactly what Neusoft MPC is made for.

Bridging strategy making and operations management

Strategy Making

Centering on preparation, breaking down, implementation, adjusting and monitoring of strategic budget goals, the system performs forecast, analysis, control and risk evaluation. In addition, it provides pre-warning, performance appraisal and cockpit management functions.

Operations Management

  • Helps prepare complete and reasonable development plans and budgets in advance
  • Highly refined, real time management and control providing effective preventions against risks;
  • Flexible approaches to analysis and performance appraisals

Neusoft MPC Systems

MPC Master Budget Management (MPC-MBM)

Neusoft MPC-MBM is a complete, advanced management system that is capable of analyzing and decomposing the company's development strategy before communicating down to all internal units. It provides an efficient support tool for strategy implementation by performing a series of budget, control, coordination and appraisals.

PC Funds Management (MPC-FM)

Funds are the life-blood of a company. Neusoft MPC-FM is designed to provide group companies with a centralized fund management platform to manage all the funds, ensure fund safety and accelerate fund flow; thereby improving the value of the funds and the fund operation capability of the group companies. It also helps the group headquarters strengthen and enhance its control and supervision over all member companies.

MPC Multi-bank Platform (MPC-MBP)

MPC-MBP provides companies with a unified access platform that offers smooth links to many different banks' systems. In addition to enhanced security, real-time transactions with such banks and extended atom transactions, it also allows for fast customized project development.

MPC Expense Center (MPC-EC)

MPC-EC offers a centralized expense control framework, which not only avoids wasting time on complex and slow expense reimbursement processes by completely, accurately and effectively collecting all business information from scattered member companies, but also realizes comprehensive, integrated and closed-loop management and supervision across the group.

MPC Intelligence (MPC-I)

Considering different information requirements of the management staff at various levels within a group structure, MPC-I provides enquiry, analysis, pre-warning and decision-making support to them by continued, in-depth collection and analysis of all operating and monitoring data.

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