Digital Signage Network / System (DSN/DSS)

Digital Signage Network /System(DSN/DSS) - Steady,Secure,Easy-to-use,Operatable

With the increasing convergence of AV and IT technologies, information can be obtained not only through the traditional computer-based model, but also through TVs that display information in a more intuitive manner.

As the media industry continues to try new approaches, mobile TVs in mobile phones, subways, banks, and hospitals have delivered the public a brand-new information experience and created a new model for businesses to exhibit brands, promote sales, and distribute information.

Addressing this trend, Neusoft has developed a digital signage network/system. This platform helps customers release, playback and manage multimedia information through different televisions such as PDP, LCD, and large screens by designated time, place, mode and content. It is ideal for finance, traffic & transportation, medical, media, telecommunication, electric power, education, and many other similar industries.

Passenger Information System (3i-PIS)

Along with the swift development of China's railway network, the passenger information system (PIS) is becoming an important part of the subway system.

It is becoming more and more widely used, and has to match the stricter demands of metro companies.

With years of experience in the development and implementation of networked multi-media operation systems, we have developed a new generation carrier-class PIS based on a thorough understanding of our customer’s needs and the needs of society by combining the development and implementation of Shenyang Subway Line 1 & 2 and Beijing Subway Line 2 Phase Ⅱ.

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Vehicular Entertainment System (VES)

Neusoft VES is a vehicle-mounted device to receive and playback digital TV programs. It is widely used in various forms of vehicle, including CRH trains, subway trains, long distance buses, and regular inter-city buses to provide an abundance entertainment programs and real-time information for passengers, creating a pleasant recreational atmosphere on board the city’s various transport systems. Also, it offers information such as operational data and advertisements. This all works to keep passengers entertained.

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