IT Education and Training

Neusoft Institute of Information - To share IT Human Resources with Our Customers, Partners and the Entire Industry

Neusoft has established three IT Institutes and a Talent Training Center with an aim of nurturing sufficient professional talents with a global vision; so as to share IT human resources with customers, partners and the entire IT industry.

Neusoft Institute of Information

Neusoft Institute of Information (NII) is a professional academy dedicated to cultivating specialty talents for the global IT industry. Focusing on the interaction between education and industry, NII provides information technology related diploma education, training and e-learning services. It has become a platform for our customers and partners to develop their human resources. Currently, we have three institutes, located in Dalian, Nanhai and Chengdu respectively. Aiming to become a distinguished, high-profile IT-application university, Neusoft Institute of Information (NII) is committed to helping both individuals and organizations acquire and continuously improve their knowledge and capabilities in the field of information technology for a promising tomorrow.

The 25,000 currently on-campus IT majors enjoy world-class education facilities and environment.
They can learn the most advanced technologies in various campus labs sponsored by MNCs;
They can set up their own virtual companies at SOVO to simulate business operations;
They also have opportunities to participate in industry-based training programs of different MNCs.

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Neuedu Corporation

Neuedu Educational Information & Technology Corporation ("Neuedu") is committed to becoming China's leading engineering education service provider that provides talent training solutions relying on Neusoft's knowledge system catering to universities, individuals and government sectors as well as consulting, training, human resource services and IT systems for enterprises. Neuedu is also a professional human resource solution provider specialized in nearshore outsourcing, talent hunting, customized training of talents and recruitment agent.

NeuEdu's products includes China's leading learning management system SkillBase, digital content, Ruijie Automatic practice training platform , Ruiding Practice Training Platform, Ruibo IT talent skill evaluation & testing system, and distributed exam system.

NeuEdu has set up 8 talent bases in Shengyang, Dalian, Nanjing, Chengdu,Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Guangzhou, and has established close partnerships with 500 universities and 400 companies worldwide.

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Neusoft Training

Neusoft has been active in the field of IT education and training services since 2001. Over the past years, we have, relying on group-wide resources, delivered a variety of training programs for more than 50,000 individuals from a dozen industries including telecom, electric power, social security, education, tax administration, finance, IT, governments, etc. We have always been dedicated to developing and elaborating practical, leading technology-centered training solutions by establishing and expanding strategic partnerships with the world's top IT companies.

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