Web Content Management

At Neusoft, we believe that Web content management must support efficient creation and management of Web content, mechanize Web-related processes, distribute the right content in the right context and continually improve overall service quality of the customer's Web based services. Furthermore, a 24/7 real-time service model can guarantee the prompt reaction/management of uploaded web content, thus assuring customer satisfaction.

The services Neusoft provides have brought our clients substantial, benefits such as quantifiable gains in quality and operational efficiency at significantly lower costs.

Service Portfolio

  • Web Content Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and handling of web content uploaded by users, including articles, images, applications, etc.
  • Market Survey: ?Market survey for the targeted industry websites, reporting management
  • Content QA: Web content monitoring and quality control

Why Neusoft Web Content Management. Service?

  • Quality: Performance optimization and monitoring utilizing Six Sigma methodology
  • Cost: Cost reduction upto 10% - 30% by outsourcing to Neusoft;
  • Flexibility: Capacity to cope with volume fluctuation;
  • Compliance: Compliant with relevant laws and regulation (especially for China and Japan);
  • Security: ISO27001 certification for secured service.

Case Study

Having partnered with the No.1 Korean internet service and game service provider, Neusoft offers web content management and quality assurance management service on a 24/7 basis. Throughout our 3+ years cooperation, Neusoft has helped the client simplify their operation model and reduce costs. Below are the highlights of this project:

  • 24/7 round the clock real-time management for the uploaded contents;
  • Continuous improved service quality on all KPIs;
  • Competitive cost and excellent performance helps streamline the internal organization of the client;
  • Understand and cooperate efficiently to handle seasonal business fluctuations.
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