On-demand Services


The main business directions of Neusoft telemedicine are tele-consultation services and medical solutions, providing all levels of medical institution, medical professional and patient with telemedicine services and technical support.

Since the official launch of the system in 2001, the annual number of consultations has reached more than 10,000 and the system has become an influential telemedicine platform for business operations in China.

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Xikang is an integrated all-life-cycle healthcare service platform that provides families and individuals with preventive care, remote monitoring, medical treatment, medicine allocation and health preservation. With medical equipment and IT network technology, it integrates the health need of the public and high-quality medical resources in hospitals, pharmacy chain stores, insurance institutes, fitness centers and large medical institutions.

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Telematics or vehicle telematics, is composed of telecommunication and informatics. It is a convergence of wireless communication and GPS technologies to provide vehicle owners with various information services including location, traffic, entertainment, Internet, vehicle diagnosis, security and protection.

Based on our expertise and experience in the development of in· car products and solutions, we offer a wide range of telematics solutions for auto manufacturers, suppliers, 4Sstores and other industry users. We are now the authorized location· based service platform solution provider of China Mobile.

Neusoft has obtained business licenses from the relevant administrative authorities for IDC (nationwide), call center (nationwide), SP and ICP operations. Leveraging our sound partnership with many CPs, we provide a rich portfolio of telematics services.

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