Telematics - Neusoft provides a complete range of telematics solutions covering clients to servers


Telematics or vehicle telematics, is composed of telecommunication and informatics. It is a convergence of wireless communication and GPS technologies to provide vehicle owners with various information services including location, traffic, entertainment, Internet, vehicle diagnosis, security and protection.

Based on our expertise and experience in the development of in· car products and solutions, we offer a wide range of telematics solutions for auto manufacturers, suppliers, 4Sstores and other industry users. We are now the authorized location· based service platform solution provider of China Mobile.

Neusoft has obtained business licenses from the relevant administrative authorities for IDC (nationwide), call center (nationwide), SP and ICP operations. Leveraging our sound partnership with many CPs, we provide a rich portfolio of telematics services.

Telematics Overview


Telematics Total Solutions

Telematics Total Solutions

Key Technology

Remote Diagnosis, Dynamic Navigation, Remote Control, Internet Radio, Travel Plan, VRM(Vehicle Relation Management)

Case Study

Distinctive navigation service: One-Key navigation

With the help of China Mobile's location base service, Neusoft One-Key navigation can provide distinctive voice service which makes driving more convenient, faster and safer for the driver.

  • One-Key navigation

User may push the key to connect to the call center and give information about his/her destination, way point, calculation conditions, etc. to the call center agent. After the agent helps the user to set this information, the route is sent to the terminal and navigation is started by terminal directly.

  • Navigation service platform at the operator level

User can perform the operation of setting the destination by dialing the call center, thus minimizing chances of losing the way while driving.

Distinctive navigation service: One-Key navigation

TSP Typical Case: Easy to Drive

Product Features:

  • Terminals with communication functions (PND/MID);
  • Terminals with basic navigation functions;
  • Value-added services: real-time traffic service, value-added POI service, One-Key service, weather forecast and regulation violation enquiry.

TSP Typical Case: Easy to Drive

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