Digital Home Products

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In 2002, we started to launch TV-related products at low, middle and high-end price points to markets across North America, Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia, Middle East, Russia and Australia. Our products include traditional all-in-one TVs, STBs, HD-embedded all-in-one TVs, Blu-ray CD-ROM-embedded all-in-one TVs, web TVs, etc.

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Smart TV/Internet TV

The smart TV solution offers various Internet-based functionalities and applications covering home entertainment integration, customer request based customization, as well as third-party software and functionality integration.In addition, it allows for rapid development and deployment, while supporting powerful searching, delivering excellent user experience and intercommunication with home smart terminals and providing rich content and services such as advertising. In other words, this multi-purpose home entertainment platform delivers a rich and varied experience to users.

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Mobile TV (CMMB)

CMMB Mobile TV solution has been developed in accordance with the Mobile Broadcasting Standard of SARFT.
In order to provide integrated software and reference design to our customers, it supports the mobile broadcasting of hand held devices based on the existing platform.
Additionally, it can support future mobile broadcasting standards based on the requirements of customers while supporting CMMB standards.

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In 2002, we began to launch DVD-related products such as DVD Players, DVD Recorders and all-in-one TV Recorders. In 2008, we focused on the development of a Blu-ray series including Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Recorders and all-in-one Blu-ray TV Recorder Recorder-TVs. In addition to these we also developed an HDD Recorders.

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Digital Camera

We are dedicated to our goal of becoming leaders in the development of embedded software for digital cameras and the secondary development of various chips. To date, we have provided complete digital camera software solutions and services to many internationally known digital camera manufacturers. Our customers are mainly from Asian and North American countries.

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