Broadcasting & Cinema

Broadcasting & Cinema - Theater Management System, Professional Camera, TV Program Production System

Theater Management System

We have provided theaters and theater equipment manufacturers with an integrated solution covering content management and broadcasting. This solution consists of three systems, including:

  • Theater control center supporting content acquisition and storage, event recording, broadcast reporting and system maintenance;
  • Stable theater broadcasting system with embedded digital projection software offers 24*7 broadcasting service conforming to DCI standards;
  • Content management software supporting broadcasting schedule, subtitles and information release and content download & monitoring.

In addition to the above, we also offer enterprise management software for ticket management, audience statistics and movie management to help theaters optimize their business.

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Professional Camera

In 2003, we entered into the professional camera business for high- and mid-end products. High-end products are designed for film shooting while mid-end ones are intended for other professional users such asTV stations, advertising agencies, independent film producers and wedding planning companies. These products cover a wide range of cameras, camcorders and field recorders, among others. In addition, we have also developed relevant tools and software in connection with professional cameras.

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TV Program Production System

In 2005, we began developing a TV program production system which consists of a media asset management system and a non-linear editing system. The former provides a wealth of functions such as reception, storage, search, edit, playback and archive. Since it captures  content from different sources and produces HD programs, it can be used to manage digital media such as audio, video and images on a network. The latter is designed for content editing including browsing, playback, splitting, special effects and caption.

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